The manufacturer guarantees that the furniture meets the requirements of GOST 16371-93 "Furniture. General technical conditions” if the conditions of transportation, storage, usage and care recommendations are met.

The factory offers the following warranties for the products:

  • Children’s and public spaces furniture – 18 months;
  • Household furniture – 24 months.

The warranty period is effective from the moment of purchase and trasfer of the prodcut to the Consumer.

Warranty Obligations

Manufacturer is indebted to fulfill the warranty obligations by the rights of the consumer, in case of:

  • Validity of warranty period;
  • Detection of production defects, related to complectation, absence of materials and manufacturing technologies.

Complaints regarding the quality of the products are submitted to the shop where the item was purchased.

In case of damage detection on one of the components, it must photographed inside the package before installation. In case of absence of a component, it must be specified on the assembly scheme. In addition, do not get rid of cardboard package of the product with label before the completion of assembly, as to fulfill your complaint the manufacturer will require the photo of the package and label information (batch number, packaging date, etc.).

If the above requirements are not met, the manufacturer has the right to refuse to fulfill your complaint.

To receive the warranty it is required to have original receipt or consignment note.

The warranty is not applied in the following cases:

  1. Non-compliance by the consumer with the manufacturer's recommendations on storage, usage and care of the product;
  2. Natural wear of the furniture occurred in use – abrasions, scratches, partial decoloration due to ultraviolet radiation;
  3. Mechanical damage caused by inappropriate transporation, storage, assembly and usage of the furniture;
  4. Damage of the components caused by excessive humidity and sudden temperature changes, which led to swelling of laminated chipboard and other composite materials, peeling of the coating and other types of damage.