Advantages of our furniture

Our goal is to offer you furniture of the finest quality with great functionality and style, in the least amount of time. And we succeed in this goal, which is confirmed by our partners.

What do we offer to the customers of DSV Furniture:

  • In production we use a unique PVC film, exclusive for its consumer and visual properties
  • Huge variety of models with modern design in the product lineup
  • We constantly update our catalogue with new models and present state-of-the-art designs
  • You can create your own unique kitchen design by combining top and bottom modules
  • We have replaced the MDF back side with HDF (HDF has higher density – 800-1100 kg/m3 compared to 350-800 kg/m3 of MDF, HDF also looks more esthetical, excludes unpleasant odors, the material is more ecological than MDF)
  • 90% of our fronts consist of HDF, and only 10% of budget models have laminated chipboard
  • We guarantee the absence of discoloration on the MDF
  • Our furniture includes metal fittings of the highest quality, made by manufacturers with a worldwide reputation
  • We do not compromise on the front fittings, handles have the required 128mm length
  • We have reinforced the bottom of the drawers and use only the thickened metal roller and ball guide rails (1 mm thick metal instead of 0.8 mm)
  • We guarantee the perfect edge bands. They preserve the furniture esthetics for many years
  • Usage of ecologically-safe materials
  • We manufacture full-sized furniture (depth of top modules is 300 mm, bottom – 520 mm)
  • More than 1000 positive reviews from our customers, all of which are special to us
  • In the process of furniture manufacturing we use grey laminate instead of white, which offers higher durability and resistance
  • We use the materials from trusted suppliers to guarantee the absence of discoloration and differences in the embossing of materials on our furniture
  • Our products and materials are certified
  • To ensure the quality of the products we perform control assemblies of the furniture before it is put into production
  • 18 months warranty for children’s furniture, household – 24 months
  • Less than 1% of defected products
  • We guarantee the best price-quality ratio in the budget segment
  • You will receive the order in the shortest period. We have a wide range of products in stock